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November 12, 2018

Scenic Mountain Medical Center Recognizes Veteran's Day

Scenic Mountain Medical Center (SMMC) offered a small token of appreciation to Veterans, in recognition of Veteran’s Day. Veterans were given the opportunity to stop in the Yellow Rose Café and enjoy a free breakfast or lunch. 

“Being able to offer a free meal to our veterans is only a small token of gratitude when it comes to the magnitude of what they gave for our country,” Amanda Duforat, SMMC Marketing Manager said. “Being able to shake a veteran's hand, express our gratitude for their service and provide them with a free meal was a great way to start off a Friday morning.” 

Members of the Scenic Mountain Medical Center staff were on hand to offer their appreciation for the veterans service. During breakfast hours, 21 veterans stopped in and enjoyed a healthy breakfast. 

“You guys really can make someone feel special,” a retired army soldier expressed, as he sat down to enjoy his meal. 

Several other veterans who attended shared the same sentiment and expressed how much they truly appreciated the gesture. 

“I truly appreciate that veterans are recognized on behalf of Scenic Mountain Medical Center. It is great for the community and even if many veterans are not able to attend, they know and on their behalf, ‘Thank you,’” a retired Marine said.